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Automated remote monitoring platform for gas distribution pipeline network

Computer Networking • Data & Analytics • Energy & Cleantech

Conventional leak detection methods require intensive human involvement, without mature automation. Also, they rely heavily on customer reports on gas service problems, instead of direct detection. The existing solutions are mostly suitable for the high-pressure transmission network, which don’t address majority of the problems specific to the low-pressure distribution network. There are SCADA systems to monitor the distribution network however, they fail to provide an easy to use system which delineates the type, location and duration of incidents.

Vigti is a scalable system which enables service providers with a wide range of real-time analytical capabilities to analyse and identify, classify, localise and report anomalies such as leaks, bursts, water ingress and sensor failures. Our software platform relies on a multitude of sensors such as pressure, flow, acoustic, vibration, strain, temperature, chemical sensors and gas sensors, as well as communication and data analytics particularly tailored for gas domain which is significantly from other domain like water, power, communication and traffic networks. Our generic solution encapsulates predictive maintenance, real-time condition monitoring as well as optimal sensor placement on a single platform delivering unified analytics and visualizations to our customers. This system can be used in conjunction with existing sensing equipment in the pipeline network.


Embodied Energy Assessment

Life Cycle Energy Assessment (LCEA) of University Buildings

In Tropical Climate: A Case Study in Singapore

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