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Director of Neuroengineering

Deputy Director of STE-NTU Corporate Laboratory

Associate Professor

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Nanyang Technological University



Office Phone: +65 6790 5410

Office: S2.2 B2-15

> Local Publicity

  • A demo related to neural feedback, developed in my group, is on display in a 5-year exposition "Uniquely You" in the Singapore Science Centre since 2012. We have presented the demo at the opening of the exhibition on 9 Nov 2011 to several distinguished guests (see Figure below), including the Singapore Minister of Health, Mr. Gan Kim Yong.


Figure: Presentation of our neurofeedback demo at the Singapore Science Centre to Singapore Minister of Health, Mr. Gan Kim Yong (with Dr. M. Elgendi, Postdoctoral fellow)

  • I have been invited to contribute an article about my research to Pushing Frontiers, a bi-annual magazine showcasing research and innovation at NTU. The article was published in March 2013 (Issue 3, p.10-11).

  • My research on transportation analytics was featured in NTU’s Hey! Magazine (Jan-Feb 2013, Issue 13, p.23).

  • Research of FYP student Ms. Indri Hartanto on smartglasses-enabled sociometrics was featured in NTU’s Hey! Magazine, Issue May-June 2015, p23.

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