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Associate Professor

Signal Processing Systems

Microelectronics Department

Delft University of Technology


> International Research Collaborations

Since 2016

Prof. J. Zhao and D. Russ (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Topic: Psychological and Physiological Study of Passengers in Autonomous Vehicles

Since 2011
Prof. H. Asada (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Topic: Data-Driven Modeling of In-Vitro Angiogenesis

Since 2011
Prof. J. Ciao and J. Niles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Topic: Computational Synchronization of Microarray data with Application to Plasmodium Falciparum

Since 2011
Prof. L. Waller (University of California at Berkeley)
Topic: Computational Phase Imaging

Since 2010
Prof. P. Jaillet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Topic: Large-scale Transportation Analytics and Operations Research

Since 2008
Profs. S. Cash, B. Westover, A. Cole (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School)
Topic: Analysis Of Neural Signals Of Epilepsy Patients For The Purpose Of Diagnosis And Treatment

Since 2006
Prof. A. Cichocki (RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan)
Topic: Neural Signal Processing


Since 2006
Prof. F. Vialatte (ParisTech, France)
Topic: Neural Signal Processing

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