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> 2020

Journal Papers​​

  • J.F.A. Ronicko, J. Thomas, P. Thangavel, V. Koneru, G. Langs, J. Dauwels, "Diagnostic classification of autism using resting-state fMRI data improves with full correlation functional brain connectivity compared to partial correlation", Journal of Neuroscience Methods 345, 108884, Nov 2020 (IF 2.93)

  • J. Jing, E. d’Angremont, S. Ebrahim, M. Tabaeizadeh, M. Ng, A. Herlopian, J. Dauwels, M. B. Westover, "Rapid annotation of seizures and interictal-ictal-injury continuum EEG patterns",Journal of Neuroscience Methods,  108966, Oct 2020 (IF 2.93)

  • PA Karthick, KR Wan, ASA Qi, J Dauwels, NKK King, " Automated detection of subthalamic nucleus in deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s disease using microelectrode recordings and wavelet packet features", Journal of Neuroscience Methods 343, 108826, Sep 2020 (IF 2.93)

  • W. Y. Peh, J. Thomas, E. Bagheri, R. Chaudhari, S. Karia, R. Rathakrishnan, V. Saini, N. Shah, R.Srivastava, Y.L. Tan, J. Dauwels, "Five-institution study of automated classification of pathological slowing from adult scalp electroencephalogram", arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.13554, Sep 2020

  • I. Peled, K. Lee, Y. Jiang, J. Dauwels, F.C. Pereira, "Curb Your Normality: On the Quality Requirements of Demand Prediction for Dynamic Public Transport", arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.13443, Aug 2020

  • J. Thomas, J. Jin, P. Thangavel, E. Bagheri, R. Yuvaraj, J. Dauwels, R. Rathakrishnan, J. J Halford, S. S. Cash, B. Westover, "Automated Detection of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges from Scalp Electroencephalograms by Convolutional Neural Networks", Aug 2020 (IF 6.507)


  • H. Yu, S. Wu, L. Xin, J. Dauwels, Fast Bayesian inference of sparse networks with automatic sparsity determination, Journal of Machine Learning Research, Jan 2020 (IF 5.310)

  • J. Jing, H. Sun, J. A. Kim, A. Herlopian, I. Karakis, M. Ng, J. J. Halford, D. Maus, F. Chan, M. Dolatshahi, C. Muniz, C. Chu, V. Sacca, J. Pathmanathan, W. G., J. Dauwels, A. Lam, A. J. Cole, S. S. Cash, M. B. Westover, "Development of expert-level automated detection of epileptiform discharges during electroencephalogram interpretation", JAMA Neurology, Jan 2020 (IF 13.608)


  • J. Jing, A. Herlopian, I. Karakis, M. Ng, J. J. Halford, A. Lam, D. Maus, F. Chan, M. Dolatshahi, C. F. Muniz, C. Chu, V. Sacca, J. Pathmanathan, W. G., H. Sun, J. Dauwels, A. J. Cole, D.B. Hoch, S. S. Cash, M. B. Westover, "Interrater reliability of experts in identifying interictal epileptiform discharges in electroencephalogram", JAMA Neurology, (vol 77, pg 49, 2020), Jan 2020 (IF 13.608)

  • I. Peled, K. Lee, Y. Jiang, J. Dauwels, F.C. Pereira, "Online Framework for demand-responsive Stochastic Route Optimization", ArXiv, Jan 2020​​

  • A. Piazzoni, J. Cherian, M. Slavik, J. Dauwels, "Modeling Sensing and Perception Errors towards Robust Decision Making in Autonomous Vehicles", arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.11695, Jan 2020

Conference Papers​​

  • S.S. Rampalli, P. Mehta, P. Vyas, S.Shashwat, J. Dauwels, "Redesigning infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and evaluating its impact on traffic", 2020 Forum on Integrated and Sustainable Transportation Systems (FISTS),  3-5 Nov. 2020, Delft, South Holland Province, Netherlands, Netherlands, IEEEXplore,   (IF 3.557)​​

  • R.R. Pandi, S.G. Ho, S.C. Nagavarapu, T. Tripathy, J. Dauwels, "Disruption Management for Dial-A-Ride Systems", IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine 12 (4), 219-234, Sep 2020 (IF 3.363)

  • T. Prasanth, J. Thomas, R. Yuvaraj, J. Jing, S. S. Cash, R. Chaudhari, T. Y. Leng, R. Rathakrishnan, S. Rohit, V. Saini, B.M. Westover, J. Dauwels, "Deep Learning for Interictal Epileptiform Spike Detection from scalp EEG frequency sub-bands", 2020 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC), 3703-3706, July 2020

  • R Zhang, A Prokhorchuk, J Dauwels, "Deep reinforcement learning for travelling salesman problem with time windows and rejections", 2020 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Glasgow, United Kingdom, United Kingdom,19-24 July 2020, IEEEXplore (IF 3.557)

  • S. Wu, H. Yu, J. Dauwels, "Primal-Dual Stochastic Subgradient Method For Log-Determinant Optimization", ICASSP 2020-2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), May 2020

  • J. Dauwels, Y. H. V. Chua, "Neurotechnologies for the Next Decade: A Primer", Nanyang Technological University, College of Engineering, 2020

Book Chapters

  • A. Abraham, N.T. Tangirala, P. Vyas, A. Choudhury, J. Dauwels, "Design of Platoon Controller with V2V Communication for Highways", Chapter 4, Augmented Intelligence Toward Smart Vehicular Applications​, Taylor&Francis Group, 2020

  • P. Mehta, P. Vyas, A. Abraham, S.S. Rampalli, M. Usman, S. Shashwat, J. Dauwels, "Using Computer Simulations for Quantifying Impact of Infrastructure Changes for Autonomous Vehicles", Chapter 5, Augmented Intelligence Toward Smart Vehicular Applications, Taylor&Francis Group, 2020

  • A. Choudhury, T. Maszczyk, C.B. Math, H. Li, J. Dauwels, "A Comprehensive Simulation Environment for Testing the Applications of a V2X Infrastructure",  Chapter 6, Augmented Intelligence Toward Smart Vehicular Applications, Taylor&Francis Group, 2020


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