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Computational Neuroscience & Neural Signal Processing

  • M. Elgendi, J. Dauwels, B. Rebsamen, R. Shukla, Y. Putra, J. Gamez, Z. Niu, B. Ho, N. Prasad, D. Aggarwal, A. Nair, V. Mishuhina, F. B. Vialatte, M. Constable, A. Cichocki, C. Latchoumane, J. Jeong, D. Thalmann, and N. Thalmann, "From Auditory and Visual to Immersive Neurofeedback: Application to Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease,"  in Neural Computation, Neurodevices, and Neural Prosthesis, (invited book chapter), Springer New York, pp 63 - 97, Mar 2014.    PDF  

  • J. Dauwels, H. Yu, X.Wang, F. Vialatte, C. Latchoumane, A. Cichocki, and J. Jeong, ”Inferring Brain Networks Through Graphical Models with Hidden Variables,” Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence LNAI 7263, Surveys of the State of the Art Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging MLINI 2011, Springer, Nov 2012, pp. 194-201.   PDF  

  • F. B. Vialatte, J. Sole-Casals, A. Hazart, D. Prvulovic, J. Dauwels, J. Pantel, and C. Haenschel, “Modeling transient oscillations in the EEG of patients with mild cognitive impairment,” Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics, Springer, Oct 2010, pp 723-727.    PDF


  • M. Constable, J. Dauwels, S. Dauwels, U. Rasheed, M. Zhou, Y. Tahir, “Visualising a Dyadic Conversation Using a Game Engine,” Springer Book Chapter on Autonomous Virtual Humans and Social Robots, Editors: N. Thalmann, J. Yuan, D. Thalmann, (invited book chapter), Springer, Sep 2015, Context Aware Human-Robot and Human-Agent Interaction, Human–Computer Interaction Series, pp. 81-111.​   PDF

  • S. Sarda, M. Constable, J. Dauwels, S. Dauwels (Okutsu), M. Elgendi, M. Zhou, U. Rasheed, Y. Tahir, D. Thalmann, and N. Thalmann, “Real-Time Feedback System for Monitoring and Facilitating Discussions,” Natural Interaction with Robots, Knowbots and Smartphones - Putting Spoken Dialog Systems into Practice, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Jan 2014, pp 375-387.    PDF

  • U.Rasheed, Y. Tahir, S. Dauwels, J. Dauwels, D. Thalmann, and N. Thalmann, “Real-Time Comprehensive Sociometrics for Two-Person Dialogs”, Human Behavior Understanding, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 8212, Oct 2013, pp 196-208.    PDF

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