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Journal Papers

  • N. Mitrovic, T. Asif, J. Dauwels, P. Jaillet, “Low-dimensional Models for Compression, Compressed Sensing, and Prediction of Large-Scale Traffic Data,” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Oct 2015, Volume: 16, Issue: 5, Pages: 2949 - 2954, DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2015.2411675 (IF: 3.064).    PDF

  • T. Asif, N. Mitrovic, J. Dauwels, P. Jaillet, “Near-Lossless Compression for Large Traffic Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems,  Aug 2015, Volume: 16, Issue: 4 Pages: 1817 - 1826, DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2014.2374335 (IF: 3.064).    PDF

  • E. Gallego-Jutglà, J. Solé-Casals, F. Vialatte, J. Dauwels, A. Cichocki,  “EEG based index for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease,” Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Jul 2015, vol. 43:4, pp. 1175-84, 2015 (IF: 4.17).    PDF

  • W. Zhao, J. Dauwels, and J. Cao, “The effects of cell asynchrony on gene expression levels: analysis and application to Plasmodium falciparum,” IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Jul 2015, Volume: 19, Issue: 4 Pages: 1301 - 1307, DOI: 10.1109/JBHI.2015.2434499, (IF: 1.939).    PDF 

  • P.N. Taylor, J. Thomas, N. Sinha, J. Dauwels, M. Kaiser, T. Thesen, and J. Ruths, “Optimal control based seizure abatement using patient derived connectivity,” Frontiers in Neuroscience, Jun 2015, vol. 9:202. (IF: 3.7).    PDF   (FRONTIERS Access)​

  • J. Lui, D. Liu, J. Dauwels, and H.S. Seah, “3D Human Motion Tracking by Exemplar-based Conditional Particle Filter,” Signal Processing, May 2015, vol. 110, pp.164-177 (IF: 2.238).    PDF 

  • C. Laske, H. R. Sohrabi, S. M. Frost, K. López-de-Ipiña, P. Garrard, M. Buscema, J. Dauwels, S. R. Soekadarl, S. Mueller, C. Linnemann, S. Bridenbaugh, Y. Kanagasingam, R. N. Martins, S. E. O'Bryant, “Innovative diagnostic tools for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease,” Alzheimer & Dementia, May 2015, vol. 11:5, pp. 561-78 (IF: 17.472).    PDF 

  • J. Sole-Casals, F. Vialatte, and J. Dauwels, “Alternative Techniques of Neural Signal Processing in Neuroengineering,” Cognitive Computation, Feb 2015, vol. 7:1, pp 1-2. (IF: 1.67).    PDF

  • E. Gallego-Jutglà, J. Solé-Casals, F. Vialatte, M. Elgendi, A. Cichocki, and J. Dauwels, “A hybrid feature selection approach for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease,” Journal of Neural Engineering, Feb 2015, vol. 12:1, 016018. doi: 10.1088/1741-2560/12/1/016018 (IF: 3.415).    PDF

  • Z. Jingshan, J. Dauwels, L. Tian, L. Waller, “Partially Coherent Phase Imaging with Unknown Source Shapes,” Biomedical Optics Express, Jan 2015, vol. 6:1, pp. 257–265 (IF: 3.497).    PDF   

Book Chapters

  • M. Constable, J. Dauwels, S. Dauwels, U. Rasheed, M. Zhou, Y. Tahir, “Visualising a Dyadic Conversation Using a Game Engine,” Springer Book Chapter on Autonomous Virtual Humans and Social Robots, Editors: N. Thalmann, J. Yuan, D. Thalmann, (invited book chapter), Springer, Sep 2015, Context Aware Human-Robot and Human-Agent Interaction, Human–Computer Interaction Series, pp. 81-111.​ PDF

Conference Papers

  • J. Li, I. Prasad, J. Dauwels, N. Thakor and H. Ai-Nashash, “Vigilance Differentiation from EEG Complexity Attributes,” 22nd International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2015), 9-12 Nov 2015, Istanbul (Turkey).    PDF

  • H. Yu and J. Dauwels, “Variational Bayes Learning Of Graphical Models With Hidden Variables,” 2015 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 17-20 Sep 2015, Boston, USA.    PDF

  • A. Narayanan, N. Mitrovic, T. Asif, J. Dauwels and P. Jaillet, “Travel time estimation using speed predictions,” 18th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 15-18 Sep 2015, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.    PDF

  • Y. Tahir, D. Chakraborty, T. Maszczyky, S. Dauwels, J. Dauwels, N. Thalmann and D. Thalmann, “Real-Time Sociometrics from Audio-Visual Features for Two-Person Dialogs,” 2015 IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP), 21-24 Jul 2015, Singapore.    PDF

  • H. Yu and J. Dauwels, “Variational Inference for Graphical Models of Multivariate Piecewise-Stationary Time Series,” Fusion 2015 - 18th International Conference on Information Fusion, 6-9 Jul 2015, Washington DC.    PDF

  • L.W. Leong, K. Lee, K.  Swapnil, X. Li, Y.T.V. Ho, N. Mitrovic, T. Asif, J. Dauwels, and P. Jaillet, “Improving Traffic Prediction by Including Rainfall Data,” 14th Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Asia Pacific Forum, 27-29 Apr 2015, Nanjing China.    PDF

  • H. Yu and J. Dauwels, “Variational Bayes Learning Of Multiscale Graphical Models,” 2015 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 19 – 24 Apr 2015, Brisbane, Australia.    PDF

  • M. Wang, L.L.S. Ong, J. Dauwels, H. H. Asada, “Automated Tracking Of Cells From Phase Contrast Images By Multiple Hypothesis Kalman Filters,” 2015 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 19 – 24 Apr 2015, Brisbane, Australia.    PDF

  • M. Wang, L.L.S. Ong, J.Dauwels, H.H. Asada, "Automatic detection of endothelial cells in 3D angiogenic sprouts from experimental phase contrast images," SPIE Medical Imaging 2015, 21 - 26 February 2015, Orlando, Florida, United States

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