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> 2010

Journal Papers

  • J. Dauwels, F. B. Vialatte, and A. Cichocki, “Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from EEG Signals: Where Are We Standing?,” Current Alzheimer’s Research, Sep 2010, vol. 7:6, pp. 487-505 (invited) (IF: 4.971).    PDF

  • B. Kurkoski and J. Dauwels, “Reduced-Memory Decoding of Low-Density Lattice Codes,” IEEE Comms Letters, Jul 2010, vol. 14:7, pp. 659 – 661. (IF: 2.1).    PDF 

  • B. Kurkoski and J. Dauwels, "Iterative decoding of lattice codes using Gaussian mixtures," EEE Communications Letters, vol. 14, no. 5, May 2010.

  • F. Vialatte, M. Maurice, J. Dauwels, and A. Cichocki, “Steady-state visually evoked potentials: focus on essential paradigms and future perspectives,” Progress in Neurobiology, Apr 2010, vol. 90:4, pp. 418-438 (invited). (IF: 9.992).    PDF

  • J. Dauwels, F. Vialatte, T. Musha, A. Cichocki,  “A comparative study of synchrony measures for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease based on EEG,” Neuroimage, Jan 2010, vol. 49:1, pp. 668-693 (IF: 7.168).    PDF 

Book Chapters


  • F. B. Vialatte, J. Sole-Casals, A. Hazart, D. Prvulovic, J. Dauwels, J. Pantel, and C. Haenschel, “Modeling transient oscillations in the EEG of patients with mild cognitive impairment,” Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics, Springer, Oct 2010, pp 723-727.    PDF

Conference Papers

  • J. Dauwels and  F. B. Vialatte, "Topics in Brain Signal Processing," Proc. APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference 2010 (APSIPA 2010), 14-17 Dec 2010, Biopolis, Singapore.    PDF

  • J. Dauwels and S.S. Cash, "Machine Learning for Guiding Neurosurgery in Epilepsy," Predictive Models in Personalized Medicine (NIPS 2010 Workshop), 6-11 Dec 2010, Whistler, BC.  

  • J. Dauwels, K. Srinivasan, M. Ramasubba, A. Cichocki, "Compression of Electroencephalograms using Tensor Decompositions," Tensors, Kernels, and Machine Learning (NIPS 2010 Workshop), 6-11 Dec 2010, Whistler, BC.  

  • J. Dauwels, S.S. Cash et al., "Automated localization of the seizure focus from interictal intracranial EEG," Proc.14th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems, 19-22 May 2010, Boston.​

  • S. G. Iyengar, J. Dauwels, P. K. Varshney, and A. Cichocki, "Computing brain synchrony by applying copula theory," Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2010), 14-19  Mar 2010, Texas, Dallas, US.    PDF

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